Friday, December 4, 2009

Total Time - 18 Hours

It is getting very cold here in Iowa. So flying will now be sparse.

Have a total of 18 hours on the RV-12 without any problems. Projects this winter include redo of the fuel tank (I have the "old" sightglass material installed) and exterior paint.

I will most definitely cover up the sight glass holes on the tank and install a mechanical float.

Will post a few pictures after exterior paint and will post pictures of the fuel tank redo effort.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Flight TODAY!

N128MS made its maiden flight this morning as the weather was favorable.

Larry Geiger flew from Lincoln, NE in his RV-10 and John Bender from Jessup, IA flew to Davenport in his RV-12. John just completed his Phase I test program. Both assisted with the final inspection and the first flight.

Larry flew my RV-12 first as he has over 2000 hours in all types of RVs including 15 hours in his RV-12. Flew hands off, the stall characteristics were normal at 38 mph (indicated).

Then it was my turn. Flew for about 30 minutes near the airport. The RV-12 flies like a dream. Flew straight and level with absolutely no left or right turning tendency. Responsive yet gentle. This plane is most definitely the easiest plane to land that I have ever flown.

Has been a satisfying day! This first flight was for John! He would have loved it!

Happy!!! Happy!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

This is a Very Good Source of Weather Info - All on One Page!

Check out....

Air Sports dot Net

All of the Local Weather and a Forecast on 1 Page!!!

Homemade Engine Pre-Heater-Hope for that 1st Flight on Sunday

Still waiting for good weather for that 1st flight!!! So, project time!

Here is what I put together for an engine preheater after receiving the temperature controller this afternoon. YES, it is starting to get cold here!!

Had to look a bit for the milkhouse heater, most have two settings (1350 W and 1500 W). This one, from True Value is 600W, 900W or 1500W, I will use the lowest setting.

Bought all of the sheet metal components from Menard's.

The temperature controller is microprocessor based. It is a RANCO ETC-111000-000 Electronic Temperature Controller ($59). It is available on the internet...

Go to........

You can set any temperature and any differential. I will keep the engine compartment between 60 and 70 degF. All you have to do is stick the thermistor (sensor) in the front opening on the cowl.

Also carved 3 shapes to plug the openings on the front from a gardener's kneeling pad.

The heater has a 3 year warranty, BUT, think I violated the terms!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I replaced the metal flexible duct with a 2' piece of 6" SCAT tubing from Wicks Aircraft. The flexible metal duct was too rigid.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pictures of the Completed Airplane

Would look tons better if painted BUT sure is beautiful the way it is!!!!

First flight should occur some time this coming week.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flying Larry's RV-12

11 1/2 hours total driving time (both ways) for 3 hours of flying Larry's RV-12. Was it worth it? YES, YES and YES!!!!!

Drove to Lincoln, Nebraska today to fly Larry Geiger's RV-12. Larry has over 2000 hours in the various RV models (RV-3, RV-6A, RV-9A, currently owns an RV-10 and currently owns the RV-12)(Which he has put up for sale!!) Larry, John Bender (Jesup, IA) and I essentially built the planes together and talked either via a phone call or e-mail daily during the build. Larry has completed his Phase I test program. Today, I flew in Larry's RV-12 left seat and Larry flew right seat.

The plane flies like a dream. Unofficially logged 3 hours in the RV-12, slowflight, stalls, about a dozen touch and goes, etc. The RV-12 is MUCH MUCH easier to fly than anything I have flown. Cessna 150/172. Cessna 140 (taildragger). Cherokee 140.


Time to fly mine!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Total Time for the Project

Total Time - 1121 Hours (For a newbie-builder, Lots of learning time.)

Engine Kit and Final Assembly - 191 Hours
Avionics Kit - 43 Hours
Finish Kit - 290 Hours
Fuselage Kit - 285 Hours
Empennage Kit - 137 Hours
Wing Kit - 175 Hours

Wing Kit Started on August 28, 2008
Final Assembly Completed on October 23, 2009

BUT did NO work in October 2008, November 2008 and July 2009 because I was waiting for the next kit to be announced. This is no longer a problem because all six kits are now available.

SO TOTAL TIME was approximately 13 months.

Final paint will be done professionally, most likely next Spring!!