Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Flight TODAY!

N128MS made its maiden flight this morning as the weather was favorable.

Larry Geiger flew from Lincoln, NE in his RV-10 and John Bender from Jessup, IA flew to Davenport in his RV-12. John just completed his Phase I test program. Both assisted with the final inspection and the first flight.

Larry flew my RV-12 first as he has over 2000 hours in all types of RVs including 15 hours in his RV-12. Flew hands off, the stall characteristics were normal at 38 mph (indicated).

Then it was my turn. Flew for about 30 minutes near the airport. The RV-12 flies like a dream. Flew straight and level with absolutely no left or right turning tendency. Responsive yet gentle. This plane is most definitely the easiest plane to land that I have ever flown.

Has been a satisfying day! This first flight was for John! He would have loved it!

Happy!!! Happy!!!